Please use this form to nominate individuals for the following awards. You are welcome to complete the form multiple times to nominate more than one person.
  • Excellence Awards

    These awards will be presented to three individuals who present an exemplary level of quality in the planning and execution of the portfolio they run. The tone of each day is set by how each leader approaches and carries out their planned activities for the day, and these three individuals constantly demonstrate passion, interest and excitement in all they do. They continue to present planning that is innovative, fresh and in keeping with weekly themes and child interests. These leaders consistently have an overflow of child interest at their activities on any given day, and they keep the engagement and attention of a group no matter how large for the entire duration of their activity. These individuals are widely adored in their respective centres, and we can’t wait to celebrate all that they bring to TOPP KIDS!

    Eligible for this award: Active Play Coordinators and Youth Community Facilitators (4 Awards)
  • Leadership Awards

    The Leadership Awards are designed to honour individuals who show an exemplary level of mentorship within the company. They are exceptional when it comes to communication with staff and families and are always available to assist staff members with any concerns or growth pieces they bring forward. These individuals live and breathe best practices and are committed to leading others to learn and embody these values in all that they do. These individuals are seen within the company as leaders, and others look up to them and value their knowledge and presence within TOPP Kids. They participate in company events and set a tone for employees to also commit to doing the same. The incredible work ethic and dedication of the recipients of the Leadership Award is an inspiration to all of us here at TOPP Kids, and we are fortunate to have such formidable individuals as part of the family.

    Eligible for this award: Program Coordinators, Assistant Program Coordinators and Active Play Mentors (3 awards)
  • Emerging Leaders Award

    The recipient of this award is a company member who, in their specific role, has demonstrated significant growth as a leader and role model for others. They are beginning to establish their leadership style, and others are receptive of this and look to this individual for guidance and support. TOPP Kids is dedicated to the growth and development of staff, and this award is designed to recognize the efforts and obvious growth of an individual as they continue learning and gaining leadership skills in their daily interactions. Because of the desire to learn and progress demonstrated by people like this, TOPP Kids can flourish, and we are so happy to watch our staff flourish too!

    Eligible for this award: All TOPP Kids employees
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