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  • This information is optional and will not be used in the judging process; however, providing it assists us in evaluating our efforts to document and increase diversity in our applicant pool.
  • Professional Schools Attended

    List schools attended, most recent first. Give period of study, and degree(s) earned.
    (example: XYZ University, 1992-95, BA Music)
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  • Upload your current resume in PDF format including educational background, major teachers, awards, and professional affiliations. Please name your file LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_resume.pdf. (1 MB limit)
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  • Work Submitted

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  • You must include the specific date, location and ensemble name for any rehearsal, reading or performance of the work that has taken place in the past or is scheduled for the future. If work has been revised since any such reading/performance you must describe in detail. If none, state "none".
  • Are there any future readings, rehearsals or performances of this work planned or under consideration? Tell us what, when and where.
  • Upload a full symphonic score in PDF format. The score must include the composer's name and title of work on the cover page. Please be sure to name your file as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_TITLE.pdf. (12 MB limit)
  • Please attach an audio file of the piece you submit (excerpt is acceptable).
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