Dilan Uluc
Sales Supervisor

Loyal Customers Flow Naturally From Service-Minded Salespeople, Dilan Uluc Says Dilan Uluc is a seasoned sales supervisor who uses one simple principle to achieve consistent revenue and sales growth. If you care enough about your customers to provide them with better service than they could have imagined, they will keep coming back for more. Dilan Uluc applies this principle to the difficult and competitive retail sales environment. We'll talk more about her service philosophy later, but first, Dilan Uluc will introduce herself in her own words. That alone says a lot about Dilan Uluc. She has met the challenges of the truly demanding, fast-paced retail environment over the last two years, as well as two years before that. She has dealt with the unique needs of every customer who walks in the door, and she, like everyone else who has persevered in retail over the last four years, has done so under the most difficult conditions most of us have ever experienced. Dilan is the person who receives complex customer issues when a floor salesperson says, "I'll have to ask my supervisor." She devises strategies to satisfy customers and close sales. She exemplifies the tact and honesty required by her floor staff to maintain positive customer relations and boost their own sales performance.
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