Rene Pardo
Rene Pardo is an innovator, entrepreneur, strategic strategist, and angel investor from the province of Ontario. The endeavors of Pardo, who is a co-founder and frequently the initial financier of numerous high-tech startup companies, have resulted in more than $75 million in research and development projects.

Currently, Pardo maintains a number of important leadership positions, including Cofounder and CEO of Brainwave Research Corp., Corporate Strategy Advisor at Orbital Composites, and Strategic Advisor and Board member at Skypower Corporation, among other positions.

With Brainwave Research Corp. in Ontario, Rene Pardo is chief executive officer and is primarily responsible for the development of new ideas in the construction and electrical industries. Innovators such as Pardo and Brainwave Research create new technology, file patents, and license those new inventions to corporations with proven production and distribution capabilities.

Rene Pardo has co-founded and served as the CEO of a number of companies, both in Ontario and overseas, throughout his career.
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