Pre-Interview Questionnaire
Thank you for your application.

The information you provide below is confidential and used only to inform us of your interests in this area of study and any disability, conditions or special learning needs.
Ikon are committed to helping students successfully complete the requirements of their course of study, and this information is crucial to ensure the appropriate support, assistance and adjustment can be provided to achieve this for all students.

Applications submitted without a completed pre-interview questionnaire will not be accepted.
  • NOTE: Byron Bay is no longer accepting new enrolments.
  • Examples could be a diagnosed medical condition, learning disability, physical/mobility issue etc.
  • Under the Higher Education Support Act 2003, Ikon is required to report student data as part of the Commonwealth Government’s Higher Education Data Collections. Please answer the following questions that form part of the data collection process for all new students.

  • Highest Educational Attainment of Parents or Guardians

    By checking 'Yes' and entering your name below, having the same effect as pen-and-paper signature, you agree that:

    a) I consent to the use of my personal information being used as set out above.
    b) I declare the information provided by me is true and correct.
    c) I understand where fraudulent information is detected, my application will be rejected, any offer withdrawn and any enrolment cancelled, and the matter may be reported to authorities.