Concessionaire / Food Service Vendor Application
Space for a two day event:
- Outside space to accommodate a food truck/trailer requires a $75 deposit once the application is accepted. Concessionaires final fees are calculated as 15% of gross sales minus the deposit. Concessionaire is required to use a point-of-sale system (like Square or Clover) that will provide a report with end of day gross sales total and a printed report must be provided along with fees at the end of each day.
- A two-day event requires a two-day commitment.
- Space for food trucks/trailers are limited. Accurate measurements must be provided.
- The concessionaire may only sale items from the menu that is submitted and agreed upon. Lucky Ladd Farms Inc. will work with concessionaires to avoid directly competing with our own in-house food service. Preference is given to vendors with unique food offerings or alternative types of cuisine. Vendors providing standard American foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken tenders, coffee beverages, and ice cream will not be selected.
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  • Please type your full name as verification this information was provided and that you fully agree to all terms, conditions, and liability waivers herein.
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  • I/We hereby apply for exhibit space with Lucky Ladd Farms Inc. and agree to the terms, conditions, and regulations provided. I/We agree to allow Lucky Ladd Farms Inc. to use my picture/video in all advertising and promotional campaigns. I/We understand that all products are required to be made and created by me, and have been juried. I/We understand my booth fees and spaces may be forfeited or canceled if this is misrepresented. I/We understand we do not have a contract for exhibit space until we receive written notification that this application has been accepted and approved by Lucky Ladd Farms Inc.