Friends for Charity Foundation Scholarship
Volunteer First Responder Application
  • You are applying for a one-time scholarship through Friends for Charity Foundation. Our volunteer first responder scholarship effort is to advance the learning needs of individuals who make a positive impact performing volunteer service for organizations within their communities.

    Please read and carefully consider all answers to be considered:

    Qualifications for Application

    • graduated public/private or secondary school
    • provide evidence of class/application to a post-secondary school or trade school
    • complete an application and that includes the name of one adult non-family member for recommendation
    • are an active volunteer first responder in good standing with an organization in your community
  • - -
  • Include employer(s), dates of employment, hours worked, etc.
  • Include organization(s), dates of service, titles or office held, awards/honors, etc.
  • The committee would like to know more about you. Please read carefully and respond to the following essay question.

  • Please provide one adult non-family related recommendation (i.e. officer, teacher, counselor, coach, etc.) The recommendation should reflect the applicants qualifications for the scholarship and his/her character.

  • Adult non-family member
  • By submitting this form you acknowledge the following to Friends for Charity Foundation. You certify that you meet the basic eligibility requirements as described. You certify the information provide is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge. If requested, you will provide proof of information you have given on this application. Falsification of information may result in termination of any scholarship consideration. Final scholarship decision is made by Friends for Charity Foundation.