Slave Application.
You can be of REAL use to Me, beneath Me as a loyal loser in My Beta Stable.

Make sure to IMPRESS Me and fill this form out as HONESTLY as you can.
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  • City, State and Country.
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  • Eligibility:

    Most of these questions allow you to choose more than one answer so make sure to answer them as HONESTLY as you can.
  • 1. A slave with no title, jack of all trades, does ANY and EVERYTHING for Me.

  • 1. Labor you provide instead of giving Me cash, can consist of maid duties, internet work, social media management, etc.

  • 1. Cleans and buys my shoes,daily, or weekly worship, eligible for free Kustoms (worn shoes/socks)

    2. Cleans and massages My feet, massages My legs (Locals ONLY), worships each curve of My soles, daily or weekly servitude required, eligible for Free Kustom (pictures/videos)

  • 1. Submits minimum of 20$ a week or 6$ a day.
    2. Submits minimum of 5-$ a week or 10$ a day.
    3. At My COMPLETE Financial Beck and Call, FULL OWNERSHIP of all your monetary assets, intimate financial relationship, May have to sign waiver.
  • Explain thoroughly what you can do for Me and any skills you possess that may be beneficial to Me. Make sure you include ANY certifications if applicable.

  • Make sure to read all about my HARD limits so you do offend Me and get banned for life.
  • Monetary && Tribute Information

    Visit the Tributes page (link can be found above) if you have ANY questions on submitting tributes and what exactly is expected of you, regardless if you are a FinBitch or not.
  • BEFORE Taxes

  • After ALL of your Bills Are PAID.
  • Prove Yourself

    This is the section that you need to POUR YOUR HEART OUT in. You need to completely convince Me you can be and extremely valuable asset to Me and My empire. Boring one line answers WILL result in your entire application being rejected, so put some thought into it, don't be a lazy fuck.
  • *Upload a photo of you holding a dated sign, or a written 'Queens Slogan' on your stomach/chest.

    A Queen's Slogan can be as follows:

    I am Goddess Kimi's Dumb Bitch.
    I'm a Stupid Bitch For Goddess Kimi.
    I LOVE Going Broke For GodK.
    etc, blah, blah, blah...
  • *Upload a photo of you holding a dated sign, or a written 'Queens Slogan' on your stomach/chest.

    *you may upload a MP4 video if you like, stating your devotion to Me and vowing to give excellent service For Me.*
  • General Terms && Conditions:

    Make sure to read all these conditions, IN FULL, before e-signing and sending this application. Failure to comply to these general rules will result in termination.
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