BNB $1000 Giveaway
The purpose of the monthly BNB $1000 Testimonial Giveaway:

A) Encourage new QFDs to talk on camera about the power of their MWR Membership within their FIRST 30 days!

B) Create viral Money Makeover videos that the entire team can share to grow their organizations!

1) How do you qualify? 10 people must upload a testimonial video to YouTube and share the link in the Extra Digit Mind Money Makeover Testimonial Section for the drawing to be valid. Note: If it’s the 21st of the month, and the entire team sees 8 videos have been uploaded for the month, I would come together as a group and “get to recording!” Lol The videos do NOT “rollover” to the next month and count for a “new 10.” Post and encourage teammates to post and a total of 10 NEW videos monthly will not be a problem!

2) When do you know you have qualified for the raffle? Once at least 10 QFDs or even CUSTOMERS from the entire team upload/post their videos in the EDM community under “Testimonials,” within a given month 1st -31st, the qualification period begins! (Deadline is always midnight on the last day of the month.)

3) How are the winners awarded? $500 will go to the new QFD/Customer whose name is pulled randomly in front of the entire team.

Another $500 will go to the personal sponsor of that new QFD. Encourage all new QFDs to make their testimonial video.

4) When are the winners announced? Winners are drawn and announced on the SOTA the following month and paid once validated/authenticated within 5-6 days!

5) Can you win multiple times? You can only submit and win ONCE as a new QFD/Customer. Talk about any of the following topics below:

A) Everything you have experienced regarding the RESULTS of your membership uploads! -Instant pay raise from your W4 adjustments
-Bill Shredder Savings
-Debt Elimination Timelines
-Note: Credit Restoration testimonies will take longer than 30 days so they will not qualify for submission for this particular raffle.

B) If you acquired at least 3 new customers your first month and the $99.97 portion of your business/membership has been waived within your 1st 30 days!

C) If you qualified for ANY Daily Guarantee amount within your 1st 30 days by sponsoring 3QFDs and acquiring your 1 outside customer!

D) If you qualified for your Momentum Bonus in your 1st 30 days!

6) Can you win multiple times as a Sponsor! YES! Although there is only 1 drawing per month, you can win multiple times throughout the year as a sponsor. Note: The more people you sponsor who submit videos monthly, the better your odds of winning that month.

6) How do you become disqualified? Testimonies will be audited/verified for authenticity using screenshots, reports, and the MWR corporate office resources. Both the QFD & Sponsor will sign off on the intake form stating that both are in agreement that the testimony is true! Both the participant and sponsor will be disqualified if any false testimonies are submitted and will no longer be allowed to participate in the future! In other words, tell the truth and you will be fine! Note: Be smart and verify your new QFDs upload as the sponsor before they submit the form.

7) Are there any other ways to get disqualified? Yes, a nasty or negative attitude lol. Note: These are Brian Beane’s personal funds being awarded (not an MWR Financial sponsored raffle). If you think you will win a “random raffle” EVERY month, or if you are not happy for other winners, do not enter. It’s all voluntary and so is the $1000 lol. There will be no further discussions once the winner is pulled. #OnToTheNextMonth

Let’s encourage all new QFDs to upload, participate & duplicate and let’s all have some fun showing the world the initial Money Makeovers of MWR Financial!
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