Travel Request - Cruise (Ocean & River)
*All NEW OCEAN cruise clients (with the exception of Disney), will be referred to our ocean cruise specialist partners. We will continue to service our current/repeat ocean cruise clients.

In order to perform the professional services required to design and arrange your travel request, a consultation fee is required after a free 20-minute consultation.
Vacation planning involves a great deal of time. Our work is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise. We research destinations, tours, and activities to meet your specific needs, contact suppliers, coordinate transportation, draft itineraries and more.
Our itineraries and vacation plans give travelers peace of mind and tremendous time savings. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Getting Started...
1 - Complete the form below as thoroughly as possible to make the best use of your initial free consultation. Your personal fees will be estimated at the time of your consultation.
2 - Submit the form and review the Fee Schedule below.
  • Rush My Trip - Skip the Line & Quick Quote Service - add $50 to your planning fees and your trip is our first priority in the next 24 hours.
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  • Yes No Other
    I contacted Traveling Person to not just provide me quotes, but to design my vacation as a client. I am the decision maker.
    I am in the research phase. I am collecting information/quotes, but not quite ready to book.
    I am ready to book. I need to confer with my traveling partner(s) after the consultation before proceeding.
    I am only looking for prices and I do not intend to book with Traveling Person.
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  • Yes No Other
    Veteran/Active or Retired Military
    First Responder/Police/Fire
    Educator/Active or Retired
    Mobility or Medical Challenges
    Oxygen or Other Medical Device Usage
    Hearing or Sight Impaired
    Food Allergies
    Special Dietary Requirements
    Autism or Behavioral/Emotional Disorders
    Pre-existing Medical Conditions that need insurance coverage
    Pregnant or Anticipate the possibility of an established pregnancy during travel period or immediately after travel
    Legal issues that may limit international travel or security checks (DUI/Child Support/etc)
    International Travel with a Minor / Without Both Parents
    LGBTQ Friendly Destination Required
  • For any cruises, Traveling Person can only book air with Delta Vacations and it must have a 4 night pre/post hotel attached to it.

    If you do not want air with Delta Vacations or 4 nights of pre/post cruise hotel, then you will receive a sample air schedule that you will book on your own.

    AIR: If you desire full control over your air tickets, it is advised that you purchase your tickets directly from the airline and not packaged with Traveling Person.
    It is in your best interest as a consumer to purchase your air directly from the airline.
    You will have more direct service and can avoid extra fees and terms & conditions from a third-party supplier. (Delta Vacations is the only exception to this.)
    When you purchase a ticket through a travel agency, you are not buying a ticket directly from the airline.
    If you encounter any problems with your ticket/flights before and sometimes during your travel, you will not have access to the airline directly and may experience service delays.
    You must purchase your ticket directly from the airline to have the most access to airline service.

    AIR CHANGES: once your trip is booked and you have committed to an air itinerary, it is the client's responsibility to monitor flights and sign up for notifications with their airline. Traveling Person will alert clients to any air schedule changes that are received by the airline or travel provider.
    If the client voluntarily desires alternate pricing and/or alternate schedules, it is subject to a $50/request fee to investigate.
    If the airline makes a schedule change, Traveling Person will assist with airline-driven changes as a complimentary service for your first request.