Book Advance Request Form
  • Students who need assistance with the cost of their books may request a maximum Book Advance in the amount of $500.00. Requests for a Book Advance limited to one request per term regardless of amount requested.

    Students may begin to submit requests for a Book Advance 4 weeks prior to the start of their upcoming term.

    You are eligible for a Book Advance if you are currently enrolled, and your financial aid has been Sent to Lender for the upcoming term.

    If your financial aid will not cover the cost of tuition for your term, you are not eligible for a book advance.

    If you have a past due balance on your student account, you are not eligible for a book advance until the past due balance is satisfied.

    If approved, you can expect to have funds sent to you based on your selected refund method within 5 business days.
  • Before completing the questions below please verify your loans have been Sent to Lender.

    To verify your loan has been sent to Lender, please visit your MyWalden student portal.

    1. On the Student Services tab click "View My Financial Aid",
    2. then click on the "Messages" tab.

    Look for a “Loan(s) Sent to Lender” message. If the message is not there, then the loans have not been sent to the lender.

  • LOAN(S) SENT TO LENDER: Your loan(s) meet the requirements and have been sent to the lender for origination.

    Prior to origination, you may also have an “Eligible to Apply for Book Advance” message which allows you to proceed with your Book Advance Request.

    ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR BOOK ADVANCE: Your loan(s) meet(s) the requirements to be sent to the lender; therefore, you are eligible to apply for a Book Advance through the Bursar's Office. Walden begins to send loans to the lender on the first day of each term.
  • $
    The requested amount can not exceed $500.