Borrower Inquiry Fact Sheet
On-line calculators are fun, but the best way to get an accurate assessment on your borrowing options is to have a REAL broker review your information. The higher the quality of information provided, the more accurate the borrower assessment.

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  • Basic Details & Objectives

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  • Income Information

  • Please upload your 2 most recent payslips for each applicant. Alternatively email to
  • Monthly $
    Rental Income
    Child Maintenance or Gov. Benefits
    Other Income, ie Share dividends, Interest
  • Assets & Liabilities

    What do you own and what do you owe?
  • $ Value $ Still Owing % Rate Monthly Repayment
    Own Home
    Investment Property/s
    Credit Cards (limit / owe /rate)
    Other liabilities, ie Car Loan
    HECS / HELP Student Debt
  • Loan Features

  • Must Have Prefer to Have Not Sure Do Not Want
    Variable Loan
    Fixed Term Loan, ie 2 yrs - 5 yrs fixed Interest Rate
    Offset Account
    Principal & Interest (P&I) loan repayments
    Interest Only (IO) repayments