To address the issue you are having with your product in the most efficient manner possible, we need to capture information relevant to you, your product and the issue that you are having. Please complete the form at the link below and we will expedite this process.

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  • Generally we repair all units under warranty if the production date code is within 2 years of the current date. If the production date code is not within 2 years of the current date, then you must provide proof of purchase or have a warranty registration on file with us to be eligible for warranty coverage.

    HAWKEYE®: Every product has a production date code sticker on the outside of the case or in the battery compartment. The date of production is represented by three or four numbers (IE: 325, 1310).

    NORCHILL®: The date code is located on the back of the NorChill fabric hang tag that is attached to coolers body tag.

    Only complete this section if the product was installed on a vessel.