Liberty Green Sign/Banner Request
Use this form to request a permit to post a sign or banner at Liberty Green.
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  • Notices

    The Town of East Lyme accepts no responsibility for any signs or banners posted.

    The Director of Parks and Recreation has the authority to approve all signs and banners, subject to appeal to Parks and Recreation Commission.

    Signs or banners may be removed for damage, unsightliness, at expiration of permit or other justifiable reasons at the discretion of the Director.

    Signs or banners are not allowed to be posted in front of the Veterans Memorial.

    It is understood that by submitting this application, the Organization accepts the stipulated terms, it will act in accordance with the Parks and Recreation Commission’s policies, it shall hold the Town of East Lyme harmless from any claims for damages, and it agrees to indemnify the Town in the event of any claims for damages.

    By clicking "Submit" below, I attest that I am authorized to do so on behalf of Organization, and I indicate agreement on behalf of Organization with all of the terms listed above.