Themed Thursdays on First - Pay It Forward on 7/13
On July 13, Thursdays on First will feature our 3rd annual "Pay It Forward" theme in which the Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) will partner with a limited number of local non-profit groups at the event.

This opportunity will provide these groups with the opportunity to build awareness, engage with the community, and raise funds for their organization.

The RDA is seeking non-profit groups* to engage with event attendees during the event. A maximum of 10' x 20' programming space provided on Historic 3rd Street.

Each selected organization is responsible for:

1. Providing at staff/volunteers for their set-up/teardown and programming at the event. As well as a volunteer "victim" for the Thursdays on First "splash-station."

2. Any tents, tent weights, and supplies for programming needed.

Please complete our application form below - applications will be scored primarily on:

1. Creativity and engagement of the proposed activity.

2. The non-profit's plan to promote their participation in the event, and the event overall "Pay It Forward" theme at the event (e.g. social media, website, etc.).

3. The anticipated use of any donations received and value of the event to your organization.

Applications must be received no later than April 28, 2017.

* No political or religious affiliated organizations please
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  • NOTE: Please include needed space, electricity requirements, and approximate length of time an attendee would need to engage with the activity.