D11N Phase 3 Assignment to Duty Request
**Only the below listed Auxiliary Activities and activities that can be completed virtually are authorized in D11. For all other Auxiliary Activities a waiver must be routed to the D11 Chief of Prevention for final approval determination.**

Every Auxiliarist participating in one of the Phase 3 approved activities must be current in Core Training, complete and submit the updated Aux-COVID-19 High-Risk Certification Form (ANSC-7101 Rev 02-21) to the DIRAUX office email to: D11-SMB-D11AUX-Northern@uscg.mil in order to be considered for assignment to duty. Due to the fact, almost all members will be able to be active outside their home as they feel safe that Under this Phase it is requested that ALL members submit a completed ANSC-7101 Rev 02-21 to the DIRAUX immediately. If you are participating in a surface or air patrol you must also complete Blood Borne Pathogens Training (Course #100293).

In accordance with Update 2 - D11 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - D11 Auxiliary Awareness and Guidance (Phase 3) approved by District 11 Chief of Prevention and Auxiliary COVID-19 Reconstitution Guidance put out by CG-BSX-1 the Following activities may be approved by the appropriate order issuing authority (OIA): Private Aids to Navigation and Bridge Verifications, Life Jacket Wear Rate Observations, Marine Dealer/ RBS Program Visits, Public Education, Telecommunications, Vessel Safety Checks, OPFAC Inspections, RBS Public Outreach, In-person meetings, and Proctoring. The following activities may be completed under Phase 3 if requested and approved by the appropriate Order Issuing Authority (OIA): Operational missions, AUXCLERGY, Office work, and other activities as specifically requested by an Active Duty unit. In order to be assigned to duty for these activities, you shall follow all personnel protective equipment and training requirements outlined in the attached documents.

Flotilla Officers cannot authorize assignment to duty during Phase 3.

Uniforms are authorized for all activities per CG Auxiliary policy.

All Assignment to Duty Request forms and Aux-COVID-19 High-Risk Certification Forms must be submitted to the appropriate DIRAUX office via the shared email inbox at least one week prior to the requested assignment to duty date. The DIRAUX Office will forward the request to the appropriate Active Duty Unit OIA as appropriate.

DIRAUX and Auxiliary Leadership will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation within the District and propose an appropriate Phase 3 to the District Eleven Commander in order to maintain member’s health and safety
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