Application for IADL Accredited Membership
Applications for ACCREDITED MEMBERSHIP only. DO NOT use this form if you wish to apply for IADL ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP.

Incomplete information may delay approval of your application.
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    General information about the institution, business entity or organization.

  • Please describe your organization, e.g. Training Company, College, NGO etc.
  • In which country, state, territory or jurisdiction is the Entity registered or located?
  • This should be the main business address or head office.
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    Please give details of the ownership of the Entity and any registrations or licences.

  • Select the box or boxes which best describes your registration and/or licence and provide details below.
  • Please give details of registration and/or licensing where applicable.
  • For example commercial registration, company or corporation, partnership, NGO etc.
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  • The name of the person with overall responsibility for everyday management.

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    By submitting this form to the International Association for Distance Learning you hereby:

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    (b) Authorize IADL officers, staff, agents and representatives to make any enquiries we think necessary in order to confirm and ascertain the suitability of your institution or organization for Accredited Membership.
    (c) Acknowledge that any deliberate misstatement will result in refusal of your application or cancellation of membership.
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