Custom Name ID Pins
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  • If this is a troop or individual order, we will build your order and call for payment prior to placing the order. All custom orders must be prepaid.

    Custom order processing takes approximately 2-4 weeks.

    Custom ID pins cannot be returned.

    Check all spelling very carefully.
  • Decide on a Pin or Magnetic backing

    (Images below)

  • Next, decide on framed or unframed and the amount of lines for each name pin (1-3 lines; 21 characters maximum, including spaces).

    (Images and pricing below)
  • BUILD YOUR ORDER in the space provided below.

    If you are purchasing multiple pins, please leave a blank line between pins
    Enter the item number noted in the pin descriptions at the beginning of each pin your are ordering
    Pins can have up to three lines of text
    There is a maximum of 21 characters per line, including spaces
    Upper and lower case letters can be used
    Use a semicolon (;) to show change to next line
  • Sample order for three different pins:

    #16003 Sarah Jones; Troop 1020; Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts

    #16022 Sarah Jones; Agawam Service Unit

    #16001 Sarah Jones