TENS and Birth Pool Rental Reservation Form
Some important points

• Please fill out this form in its entirety and read our Terms and Conditions before selecting "Agree" or "Disagree" and submitting.

• Terms and Conditions can be viewed online at

• TENS rentals are available to anyone living in Canada

• Birth pool rentals are available only to registered birth doula clients of Adar Birth Services

• Rented TENS units are available for Pick-up at our location on Commercial Drive. Birth Pools are available for pick-up from the family that last used it.

• If you are renting a pool, you will need to store it for the next family (packed-up, it's about 2'x2'x2').

• TENS units can be mailed if you prefer. Shipping costs are calculated based on distance from our Vancouver location. Please allow two business days for processing and one to five business days for delivery via Xpress Post.

• A deposit fee will be added to your rental at the end of this form. The fees are:
TENS units - $50
Birth Pools - $100

• Deposits are refunded in full when rental units and kits are returned on time, clean, and undamaged.
  • Deluxe Birth Pool Kits are only available for rent in the Greater Vancouver Area. If you live outside of this area, but don't mind coming into Vancouver, you may select the Standard or Premium Kits, which do not include delivery (you will need to pick up and drop off the pool yourself). Sorry, but shipping is not available for pool rentals.
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