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1-2 October 2024 / Berlin, Germany
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    ND24 will include 4 round table sessions where you choose the group you want to sit with, but all groups discuss the same topic for the duration of the session. However, as each topic consists of various sub-topics, the groups may take very different paths in their discussions. If you have good ideas for sub-topics that can be suggested to the groups, please share them below.

    The topics are:

    1. AI - A tale of fear and chance – How to move from AI hype to AI hands-on
    2. You have the talent, what else could you do with it? – How to pivot your business model
    3. The bait must please the fish and not the fisherman – How to use the modern sales and marketing techniques and methodologies
    4. Co-create - The new M&A? – How to benefit from co-creation and collaboration - Does it always have to be M&A?
  • Welcome drinks - Monday, 30 September 2024 - 18:30-19:30, Venue

  • Networking dinner - Tuesday, 1 October 2024 - 20:00-24:00, The Frannz Club

    The cost for the buffet dinner is €68 per person (attendees & guests).
  • Guests can include family, friends from outside of the industry, or colleagues from within your company. For everyone else in the language industry, we want to encourage participation in our events, so they must register for the full event to be able to attend any of the related official social activities.
  • Berlin City Treasure Hunt - Wednesday, 2 October - 16:30-18:30

    Organised by Gemino
  • This is a walking tour, but we may also use public transportation. There is no charge to attend the tour, but if we take public transportation, each individual will need to cover their own fare.
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