The Real Reh Dogg
The story of a little boy who never had a happy childhood. He was forced to deal with pain and misery not meant for children. Driven to wrath was the only survival technique for him to bury the internal suffering he will carry with him until he perish from the earth. Many urinated on his back and called it rain. The self destruction is eminent. Happiness comes his way and he shoots it down and runs for cover. His safe zone is sadness and sense of being alone so he never feel the pain inflicting upon him ever again.

Emotions weren't allowed to develop naturally so he's left with emotions triggered from one bad event after another. Fearing as he grows older he may become a monster he avoids people at all costs. Life had more downs the ups all triggered by accepting people into his life that cared very little for him or cared in an obsessive way forcing him to export the same emotions leading to tragedy of loss. The boy learns that being alone for the rest of his life is something he must embrace for him to feel any sense of happiness.
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