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  • Please ensure to enter a valid email address. If you don't hear from us within a day, please re-send your message to adventures@sailordudes.com
  • Country/city and/or marina where you like to board
  • Country/city and/or marina where you like to finish
  • Unless you have a specific sailing area in mind, please tick your preferences so we can advise you better.
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  • Total number of people in your party on the sailing yacht EXcluding an optional skipper. Please send in multiple enquiries in case multiple sailing yachts are required.
  • Some charterers require another person with sailing experience, besides the skipper, therefore this question.
  • Only when a SAILORdudes skipper is needed, so we can consider this when finding a skipper for your party.
  • Please indicate if you require a skipper
  • A cook prepares meals and coordinates provisioning. A host serves meals/drinks, does shopping and keeps the interior tidy.
  • Any specific preferences regarding the skipper (age range, nude cruise/skipper, etc.) if applicable.
  • Prices decrease for older yachts. We usually do not recommend renting yachts older than approx. 12 years.
  • The minimum no. of double-bed cabins (sleeps 2 persons) that you prefer. Cabin sizes may vary.
  • The minimum no. of bunk-bed cabins (sleeps 2 persons) that you prefer. Bunk-bed sizes may vary.
  • The minimum number of toilets that you prefer (add 1 in case you want the skipper to use his own toilet)
  • Please specify a budget range for the yacht (+ skipper if applicable) so we have an idea what kind of yacht to look for, as prices vary a lot depending on size and age.
  • Any specific expectations regarding the yacht (e.g. dinghy with outboard, auto-pilot, bedlinen, a newer or older yacht type, etc.)
  • If other, please specify below. Thanks for letting us know!
  • PS: we won't spam you :), max 3 mails/year. Our privacy policy can be obtained upon request
  • Always nice to "meet" and connect digitally, if you like
  • Any other general remarks - clothing-optional / nude cruise - specific sailing areas - other expectations.
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