eFed Application
Please fill out this quick application if you wish to add your eFed to the UWL.
  • An email for not only us to contact, but for potential members of your eFed to contact. This will go on the eFed Profile Page.
  • AIM
    Fill in any that you may have. UWL Staff like to be able to contact you in emergency situations. These will not be made public.
  • Vaild URL to your eFeds website/forums
  • The URL to your "affiliates button" as it is known. If you do not have one, reply with "N/A" and we will happily make one for you.
  • We do accept membership from all styles of eFeds, but do know that all UWL sanctioned matches are judged based on the standard Roleplay eFed style.
  • We accept any size feds, but this gives us a chance to see what all we have to offer to other handlers. While there are no real "definition" as to which size your eFed should be, please do put some thought into this.
  • While many of you will wanna choose more than one, please choose the option that best describes your eFed. At it's core, what is your eFed like?
  • This is not a required field. If you want to choose another style that your eFed resembles, do choose one.
  • Date your eFed officially Opened
  • (City, St.) (ex: WWE - Stamford, CT)
  • Please select which schedule your eFed runs. If you have multiple shows a week, choose the answer that best describes your main show.
  • Will be pasted onto eFed Profile Page
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