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If you want to order a custom item please fill out and submit this form to assist our sales and design teams in providing you with an accurate bid. Leave blank any questions that do not apply to your order.

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  • Upload one of our measurmet forms that was downloaded and filled out from Stroud Industrial
  • Equipment Information -

    Note: The ballistic blanket fits like a bag over most equipment. It is held in place by straps and buckles to secure/attach the blanket. Ballistic curtains and tents require only the generic measurements of the barriers desired size.
  • Do you have a schematic of the equipment being covered that you could send to us?
    If so please either submit it via our secure photo & document upload above, email it to, or mail a physical copy to…
    Stroud Industrial Safety
    Attn: Carl Scoggins
    4101 S. May Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73119