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Please complete and submit the application below for Residential Internet/Digital Phone service.
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    Please provide a phone number of another person
  • Please include streets, building color, and any identifiable landmarks.
  • Due to modifications that may be made during the installation process, applicants who do not own the location where service is requested must receive written permission from their landlord/leasing agency before services can be installed.
  • This attachment needs to include: Tenant Name, Tenant Address, Landlord Name, & Landlord Signature. Attachments without these components will not be processed.
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  • A valid and complete social security number is required for service
  • A valid driver's license number is required for service
  • Please select and answer one of the security questions in this dropdown; this information is used to protect and secure your account.
  • Please select and answer one of the security questions in this dropdown; this information is used to protect and secure your account.
  • Please select and answer one of the security questions in this dropdown; this information is used to protect and secure your account.
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    Generally, Internet & digital phone services are installed within 3-4 business days.
  • Installation fee for all packages: $50
  • Routers are used to connect multiple devices within your network
  • Installation fee for all packages: $14.95.
  • Featuring 11 local channels, the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV, and streaming on Apple, Roku, and Android devices, JadeTV is a low cost HD alternative to traditional satellite TV.
  • Equipped with lightening fast processors, Roku offers endless streaming possibilities for you and your family. All Roku models come with live tech support, lifetime warranty, and replacement protection.
  • Choose a password for your JadeTV.
    This password allows you to access TV content.
  • Battery backup packages may help you reach 911 during a power outage. They also may allow for your Internet/Phone/TV/E-mail to work during a power outage.
  • With unlimited long distance calling in the continental United States and features including call forwarding, call waiting, speed dialing, conference calling, caller ID, and voicemail, digital phone is a landline phone that transmits your voice via the internet.
  • The name in this field will be listed in the local Telephone Directory and will be accessible by Directory Assistance.
  • If you would like to port your telephone number, please do not disconnect your service with your current provider. The service will be automatically disconnected once the phone is ported.
  • A copy of your current telephone bill is required to port your number over to our system. You can submit it here or bring it into our office. Service will not be activated until the bill is received.
  • Advanced features can be added for a monthly charge and a one time installation fee.
  • Promotion valid for a limited time only. Terms & conditions may apply.
  • Jade Communications will automatically charge this bank account number for the amount of your bill on the 5th day of every month.
  • We're locally owned and operated and would like to know how you heard about us.
  • If someone referred you (must be a current customer), please enter "Refer A Friend: [you friend's name]" in the field above.
  • Jade Communications Digital Phone will not function (regular or 911 calls) if Jade’s equipment fails or is relocated from the current premises or tampered by the customer. Additionally, regular calls and 911 calls will not function if the Jade equipment is interrupted or not functioning for any reason or if the customer’s power is non-functional. This may include, but is not limited to, power outages lasting beyond the current backup provided by Jade Communications or network outages.
    The service agreement is violated if the customer’s equipment is moved from the physical location where it was originally installed.The customer is completely responsible for all power at the customer’s location. Since power outages do occur, Jade Communications recommends that an Uninterrupted Power Supply, and surge arrestor be purchased, installed and maintained on the high speed internet circuit which is connected to the ATA and telephone. All wires from other telephone companies connected at the interface box located outside must be disconnected.

    Be advised that any services provided through this equipment are not intended to replace or be a substitute for primary line voice services or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and are not meant to provide guaranteed 911 or E911 services or to permit access to 411 directory assistance services. Your service provider, not Motorola, is responsible for the provision of Voice over IP (VOIP) telephony services through this equipment. Motorola shall not be liable for, and expressly disclaims, any direct or indirect liabilities, damages, losses, claims, demands, actions, causes of action, risks, or harms arising from or related to the services provided through this equipment. Important: be aware that you will not be able to make any calls using this Voice over IP (VOIP) device if your broadband connection is not functioning properly. You will also not be able to make any calls using this Voice over IP (VOIP) device if you have lost electrical power.
  • I agree to a credit check which is required for service.
    I acknowledge that if I do not pass the required credit check, a deposit is required for service.
    I agree to pay Jade Communications the entirety of the installation fee prior to installation.
    I understand that all equipment used for service belongs to Jade Communications. Any damage incurred by the equipment at the customer's location is the sole responsibility of the customer.
    I understand that a minimum fee of $1000.00 will be accessed to my account if equipment required for service is not returned or returned damaged.
    I agree to pay a $95.00 equipment retrieval fee, if the equipment is not returned after 10 days of disconnect.
    I agree to pay all charges within 10 days of issuance and to pay all reasonable costs of any collection agency (up to 50% of the outstanding bill), attorney, court or other miscellaneous fees used to collect the past due amounts.
  • Get your full monthly bill right to your email inbox instead of in the mail.
  • By checking this box, I acknowledge that the information provided in this application is factual and true.