2018 Skel-A-Mingo Online Order Form
Donation payment can be made online by using the "Donate" button located at the bottom of every page on our website, www.kristyfund.com, or by check made payable to the Kristy A Pordon Benefit Fund, mailed to 34 Boulevard, Pequannock, NJ 07440, please reference your haunting victim's name in the memo line.

The 2018 Skelamingo season begins on 10/1/18 - and all spooky birds fly south for the winter on 10/30/18. THANK YOU for supporting the Kristy Fund!
  • Note: Our Ghostly Flamingos are not allowed to haunt on public property or apartment complexes.
  • This is the date that you would like the spooky visitors to be discovered. Please Note: Every effort will be made to honor a specific date, but may not always be possible.
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  • Someone from the Kristy Fund will contact you prior to haunting to confirm details, so it is important to provide accurate contact info.
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