If you are submitting an offer for a buyer client .please fill out this form. Upon acceptance of terms by the seller(s), a completed agreement of sale needs to be received in our office by 11 am the next business day fully signed and executed by the buyer(s) with earnest money deposit and pre-qualification letter or proof of funds for a cash transactions.

•Review sellers disclosure (if applicable) and any other documents available on mls prior to submitting this offer.
•Proof of funds is required for the entire purchase price on cash or non-mortgage contingency transactions.
•A pre-qualification letter from a direct lender is required for all offers involving lender financing, listing agent reserves the right to require a BFI as well.
•Please review the corporate addendum(s) as some seller(s) require the buyer(s) to pay all transfer taxes.
•Buyer is responsible for utilities for inspections of corporate properties unless other arangements have been facilitated.
•Seller(s) reserve the right to accept, decline or counter any offer of their choosing at their discretion.
•If the seller(s) response to offer time elapses under clause 3C of the PAR Agreement buyer has the right to withdrawl offer or wait for response from seller.
•For corporate properties the selling date should never be the last business day of the month.
•If the seller(s) require a late closing fee per-diem - it will not apply should the delay be a seller(s) issue.
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  • Acknowledgment

    By submitting this offer you, as a buyer agent, acknowledge that you and your buyer(s) have reviewed the MLS documents (if applicable) and sellers disclosure (if applicable). You also acknowledge that this offer is not legal and binding on either party and that unless a formal agreement of sale is executed with all required addendums there is not an agreement. The subject property will not be marked as "under agreement" in any mls service or considered as "under agreement" by the listing office until such time as the buyer(s) signed agreement of sale with all applicable addendums, prequalifications and earnest money has been received by the listing agent and or the seller has directed the listing agent to do so.