Photograph Your Creations Made During COVID19
You could win $500 and a year on!
  • Have you been using art to cope with the stress of the last few months?
    What have you been making that brings you joy, serenity or relaxation?

  • 1. Items must be created by a craft artist in the US
    2. Approximately 20 artists will be featured on the ACW Showcase website and will have their work featured in the September issue of Handmade Business.
    3. The winning artist will receive $500 and one complimentary year on
    4. One item per application. You may submit more than one application. You may submit one or two photos of your creation.
    5. Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 12, 2020 at midnight.
  • The entries will be judged by the American Craft Week National Committee using the following criteria,

    * Excellence of design and production in the piece
    * Quality of the photographs submitted
    * Artist written explanation of his/her inspiration and/or method
    * How creating the piece was “Art Therapy” for the artist.
  • Applicant Information

  • About Your Images (all optional)

  • 50 word maximum
  • 100 word maximum
  • Photograph

    You must send at least two images and we prefer to see three.
    One image must be of the piece you are submitting for judging, and we prefer to see two photos of your creation.
    One image must be of you the artist. It can be a head shot, or a photo of you at work or in your studio.

    This is a photo contest. Image quality matters. While we do not expect professional photography, images should be well lit and in focus. Photos taken with a good camera phone are acceptable. Images should be a minimum size of 1080 x 1080 (check the settings on your camera phone). Maximum size of 10MP for all images submitted.
  • Total size for all images submitted must not exceed 10MB