NMR3 Training Registration Form - Dalhousie Only
This form must be completed by researchers at Dalhousie University to register for NMR training.
  • Section 1
    Personal Information

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  • Please specify your Dal email address in the format netID@dal.ca. Your netid is two letters followed by 6 numbers.
  • If you are visiting Dalhousie University temporarily (i.e. summer student, exchange student, visiting professor, etc.), please indicate here your "home institution" (where you are employed or where your current degree will be granted).
  • Section 2
    NMR Training

    Please use this section to specify the training course you require, your previous experience, and your availability. Note that you can only register for one training course per registration form.
  • You can only register for one training course per registration form.
  • Select "yes" if you have been trained previously on this spectrometer but have not used it within the last 6 months.
  • Indicate whether or not you've been trained at NMR-3 previously.
  • If you've had previous NMR-3 training, indicate here which spectrometer(s) and when you last used it (them).
  • Section 3a
    Supervisor Identification

    Select your Supervisor's Name from the drop-down list.
  • If your Supervisor is not in the drop-down list, proceed to Section 3b.
  • Section 3b
    New Supervisor Information

    Complete this section only IF your supervisor's name is not listed in the drop-down in Section 3a.
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  • Section 4
    Account Information

    A 5 digit Dalhousie account number must be provided for payment of usage fees. Please obtain this information from your supervisor.
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