The DogSmith of Volusia County.
If you are interested in The DogSmith caring for your pets please complete this form. If this is your first reservation with The DogSmith then we will contact you to schedule a complimentary "meet & greet".
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  • To expedite the process you can upload your pets vaccination certificates
  • The DogSmith Service Agreement

    Prior to caring for any pets your local DogSmith will ensure a professional "meet and greet" has taken place during the orientation of your home.
    At your complimentary “meet and greet” you will be required to complete the following forms (this is only required once)
    1. Pet Profile form for each pet. The more we know about your pets the better we can care for them.
    2. A key handling agreement. This stipulates how your home key will be secured
    3. A veterinarian agreement. Gives us permission to take your pet to the veterinarian in an emergency.
    4. A service agreement. Details each of our important service points

    By submitting this form you agree to read each of our service policies on the website.
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