WADA Singles League Application ~ 20SPR
To be played on Wednesdays with a start time of 7:30pm
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(contact director@wadadarts.org with any questions/problems)
  • -------- PLAYER INFORMATION --------

  • There will be an A and a B league offered (WARP will be used to identify. The ED has the right to move people between divisions as needed.)

  • Must exactly agree with your name in DartConnect.
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  • Must exactly match your email in DartConnect
  • $30 singles fee includes $5 for DartConnect singles league fee. *The additional $10 for non-members is for lifetime WADA membership.
  • Enter your City, State and Zip
  • Indicate how you will pay for shooters fees. Shooters Fees are due the end of Wk2. Unpaid shooters are dropped after Wk3.
  • This league runs on Dart Connect. Do you need to use one of WADA’s tablets for the season? A $20 refundable deposit will be required and IF tablet and charging cable are not returned the balance of cost would be due.
  • -------- SPONSOR INFORMATION --------

    Sponsor fees - $10 per person OR $40/6 players.
    (NOTE: Fees above reflect 1/2 the normal fee - as approved by the Board for 20SPR.)
  • The regions in Virginia are divided by a line running south along Fairfax County Parkway, from State Route 7 to State Route 123, then south along State Route 123 to its intersection with Interstate Highway I-95.
  • If any of the Sponsor's contact info has changed, please select "Needs to be updated".
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