AEU Graduate Upgrade to Full Membership Form

This form is for current AEU Student Members wishing to upgrade to full Union membership at the completion of their studies.
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  • Direct Debit

    The amount drawn from your account each fortnight is based on your employment details and membership subscription rates as set by AEU Branch Council and published on the AEU Website. The amount will vary when new subscription rates are set or your salary changes. If you are unsure of the amount payable or the date deductions are drawn, please contact us.

    By signing this document, I/we authorize the Australian Education Union (SA Branch), Debit User Number 015604, the Debit User, to debit my/our account, detailed in the Schedule below, every fortnight with any amount, through the Direct Debit System, I/we must pay you when due under the arrangement between us. This authority is to remain in force until further notice.

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  • Automatic Payment by Credit Card

    I authorise the Australian Education Union (SA Branch) to make deductions of my AEU subscription from my credit card as per below.
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  • (All members receive a statement of membership subscriptions every financial year)
  • I hereby update my status as a member of the Australian Education Union (SA Branch) and agree to abide by the Rules of the union. I agree to pay fees owing in accordance with the union's schedule of subscriptions. Member information is collected and held by the AEU only for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the Union and providing services and benefits to members. I agree to the union disclosing personal information to other organisations in accordance with the AEU's Privacy Policy.

    I understand that the union's rules require me to give written notice of resignation.

    Please note that assistance, legal or otherwise, cannot be provided for issues that occurred prior to becoming a member of the AEU SA Branch.