RWPCS Reenrollment Form SY19-20
Richard Wright Public Charter School is a public school free of charge serving students who reside in the District of Columbia. The re-renrollment period is March 1, 20189 to March 31, 2019. Students failing to re-enroll by March 31, 2019 will not be guaranteed placement for the upcoming school year and may be required to participate in the enrollment process with new students seeking admission to the school. Residency must be proven by May 1, 2019. Please complete all pages.
1My School DC ReEnrollment Form2Emergency Contact Form3Laptop Agreement Form4Parental Notification Form
My School DC ReEnrollment Form
Emergency Contact Form
Laptop Agreement Form
Parental Notification Form
  • Parents/Guardians: Please complete this form to confirm your child's enrollment at Richard Wright PCS, a member of the My School DC Schools.

  • Student Information: *You must fill out one form for each child you are enrolling*

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  • Parent/Guardian Information: *Should be the person completing the form and confirming residency.*

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