Dragon Powers Admininistrator application
-You should be 16 years or older.
-You are/will be an active user.
-You are engaged in becoming an admin and working with the chat.
-You have been at chatlands for at least five month.
-Haven't broken a rule in at least 2 months.
-You know the rules.
-You may have an account in the forum.
-You don't have any rank on any other chat at this moment.
-By pressing submit you agree to all these rules.
-Begging will make your admin application invalid, and you will not be promoted.

We like to promote users to helper first to see how they do before they get any higher ranks.
  • Fill in the username you use for you chatlands.
  • Tell us your age in real life. This may affect your application.
  • Tell us what you think our chatlands wants that you may or may not have.
  • Please tell us why you want to become an administrator and what you have that we need.
  • Administation check
  • If there are any ranks you wonder about, don't be afraid to ask!
  • These are not required, but it will increase your chances a lot if you fill them out
  • If you want to help us make poses and/or rooms, please give us a link to where we can find your art!
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