Institute Attendance Policy 23/24
  • Skills for Theatre…Skills for Life!

    Every choice has consequences. Absences (even pre-planned or excused) can affect a student’s “track” in class or final demonstrations. Every choice we make can impact casting decisions and/or selection for our Technical Training Program and Internships. This has always been true, but it bears mentioning. Unexcused absences and missing class without notification is particularly harmful to a student’s standing - In theatre and in life!
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    I understand the above and choose to be accountable for my attendance in the Institute program
  • Expectations:

    Village Theatre Institute expects students to be in attendance every week. Absences are discouraged as they diminish the impact of the program and the student’s ability to progress, as well as interrupt the progression of the entire class.

    While attendance is crucial to a student’s success, our students' health and well-being is of the utmost importance. If a student is ill, we ask that they stay home. For the 23/24 school year we will provide the option for students to Zoom-in to class from home if they are not feeling well and still wish to participate in class. We also support taking days off for mental health purposes.

    We also understand that students may occasionally have other commitments that will cause them to be absent. We ask that students make every effort possible to avoid scheduling other commitments such as rehearsals for shows, sports, etc. during Institute programming so that each student can fulfill their commitment to being in class every week.

    Show Conflicts: Village Theatre Institute recognizes that professional and school productions are of benefit to our students. We understand that participating in shows may occasionally conflict with Institute. We expect students to list Institute as a conflict for their show(s) and to work with their director on honoring their Institute commitment. Ideally, students would only miss Institute for tech rehearsal or performance. Please use the “Letter to Directors” to request time away from rehearsal for Institute.

    Consequences for any absence for any reason will vary in each class. In some cases, a student will be able to step directly back into class. In other cases, a student may have missed something critical to participating the week they return and will be asked to observe, do some reading, or catch up in some way before rejoining the learning community.
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    I understand the above and choose to be accountable for my attendance in the Institute program
  • Institute Attendance Policy Guidelines:

    1) Five absences or more: The student’s space in the Institute program is no longer guaranteed the following year and the student will have to go through the audition/callback/entry process if they wish to return.

    2) To participate in final demonstrations and showcases, students must attend the three classes leading up to the events. If a student does miss one or more of the three classes proceeding the final demonstration/showcase, it is up to the instructor’s discretion as to what the student may or may not participate in. This decision is based on the student’s prior preparation in class and what is best for the other classmates.
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    I understand the above and choose to be accountable for my attendance in the Institute program
  • I have read the Institute Attendance Policy. By signing below, I am agreeing to follow the policy to the best of my ability with full knowledge of the consequences should I be absent from class.
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