2023 Walk Across Hamblen SPONSOR Registration
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2023 Walk Across Hamblen.
  • Sponsor Registration Instructions

    The Walk Across Hamblen is eager to motivate people of all ages to make that important first step toward improved health.
    This program is simple, inexpensive and safe.

    When you sponsor a team, you will be providing an opportunity for your members to improve their health by accumulating miles each week by walking or doing other activities. Teams symbolically walk across Hamblen County and then across Tennessee. Your sponsorship will allow team members to put on their walking shoes and join us in this six week journey to change our community.

    Sponsor Responsibilities:
    · Complete this Sponsor Registration Form and · list team members – teams can have no more than 10 members (team captain is included in the 10 members). Indicate your name as the sponsor, your team name, captain name and the names of each team member.
    · Then pay the appropriate registration fee for the total number of members on your team. Your sponsorship fee of $20/team member provides registration of your team a tee shirt for each team member when you provide their names and sizes on this form.
    · Registration will stay open until the March 18th kick-off, but t-shirts may not be available after the March 1st cut-off date.
    · Team Winners will be announced at end of the 6 week program.

    Team Captain Responsibilities:
    · Collect weekly mileage from each team member and complete the form that will be emailed to them in the weekly Monday reminder from Kellie Smith.
    · Motivate team to walk either individually or in groups.
    · Make sure all members know the site of each Monday Mile and time of walk. A Monday Mile location schedule will be emailed to you with each Monday reminder.

    · Most of all, we hope your team will GET OUT and MOVE and have FUN!
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    When you submit this form, you will be directed to a page where you can make your payment to sponsor your team.

    We're excited to see your team join in for the 2023 Walk Across Hamblen and look forward to better health for the coming year!
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