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  • Welcome!

    We're delighted you're interested in joining our team of 'Wander Bloggers' to publish and share your blog posts and articles on our online magazine. If you are accepted you will gain access to The Wanderlust Post control panel as an approved blogger and you'll be able to upload, write and submit your posts, complete with your photos, whenever you wish. Our editorial team will always review your posts before they are published, and they may suggest changes or edits from time to time if they feel your post needs some minor changes to fit our readers' interests, or if the SEO (chance of it being found on search engines) could be improved. However, they'll always check that you're happy with their recommendations before publishing.

    Terms and Conditions

    Before you submit this form and your first blog post you should ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions for Bloggers which are always available on our website under 'Legal'. By registering as a blogger with us, and submitting a blog post, you are stating that you agree to our terms and conditions.


    Please note that in order to become an approved blogger you MUST obtain a FREE Gravatar at (if you don't already have one). Your Gravatar will ensure that your blogging name and photo appears alongside your biography, and any comments you make, or reply to, on your blog posts. We will not be able to publish any of your blog posts until you have uploaded an image to your Gravatar. It is very quick, free, and easy to obtain one at Please note that you MUST use the same email to sign up for your Gravatar that you are using to sign up on The Wanderlust Post.

    Contact Details

    Please provide your basic contact details for our database. We need them in order to fulfil our legal obligations, however your personal details will NEVER be made public on our website and you are free to blog under your usual 'Blogger Name' or a Nickname as you wish (see below)

  • The name you would like to be known by on The Wanderlust Post. You can leave this blank if you would like to be known by your full name.
  • Please provide us with a clear colour photo of yourself. The photo should be in landscape orientation (not portrait). It would work best if you choose a picture where you are looking happy and friendly and if you are in a travelling situation that's even better. Though do make sure that it is a relatively close up picture of yourself as the image will be quite small in some places on our website and we still want you to be seen! (The file type must be a jpg. or jpeg. with a maximum size of 1.5MB)
  • If you do not want this to be displayed on The Wanderlust Post, please ensure you have provided a 'Blogger' name above. If you have provided a 'Blogger' name we will always use this name on your posts.
  • Please ensure you use the same email address you gave when you signed up for a Gravatar.
  • What do you intend to blog about on The Wanderlust Post? You may intend to simply share posts from your existing blog (if so, what topics and themes?) or you may wish to create new content to share on our platform. We'd love to know what you're planning to blog about in general, and what, if anything you may wish to promote if you have an existing business for example.

  • Please Provide Us With a Short Biography for Your Blogger Profile

    Please write a short biography about yourself to be displayed on The Wanderlust Post. It should be approximately 60-80 words and written in the THIRD PERSON, as if you are describing someone else. You may include details of the kind of audience you generally blog for, or some of the places you have been, or just what you like or will be doing soon. For examples, see our Wander Bloggers' profiles on The Wanderlust Post at If you're unsure what to say you can have a go and our editorial team can help you later (as they have done with some of our existing bloggers). We reserve the right to edit your bio if necessary but we will allow you to check you're happy with it.
  • Your Current Presence on the Internet

    We will provide links to your social media sites, and your own blog/website if you have one, on your blogger biography and on each blog post you have contributed. Links to all the main social media sites will appear under your name and profile. Don't worry if you don't use a particular form of social media yourself, we will simply use The Wanderlust Post social media links in place of any that you don't have. Please provide details of any of your own social media that you would like us to provide links to:
  • Any other Social Media, Blog or Websites?

    If you have any other social media accounts or websites that you would like us to link to on your blogger profile please contact our Blogger Support Team by email on to discuss your requirements.
  • The Wanderlust Post Booking Agency

    The Wanderlust Post is a unique online magazine. We will soon be launching an adjunct booking agency providing a service to travel & lifestyle brands, products, services, destinations and tourism boards. We will help our clients find the right travel and lifestyle bloggers, writers and influencers to review their locations, products and services. Our clients may be looking for bloggers to attend travel writing and press trips, both paid and unpaid. Please let us know whether you wish to be included among our team of recommended bloggers below. This is not a requirement of blogging on The Wanderlust Post and there is also no guarantee that any opportunities will arise as a result of your blogging on The Wanderlust Post. Please see our full terms and conditions for bloggers for more information. If you are interested in potential opportunities with our partners please tick yes below. Furthermore, if you have a Media Kit, Press Pack or CV please upload it below so we can keep your details on file and have them to hand should we get an enquiry.
  • I understand that I am under no obligation to accept any opportunities offered to me, nor is The Wanderlust Post able to guarantee that any opportunities will arise.
  • Details of your own blog if you are an existing blogger.

    If you are an existing blogger and you'd like us to consider putting you forward should we have any enquiries from our clients and partners, please provide us with details of your current blog. We will never make these details public on our website but we may use them for marketing purposes in a more general way, such as in the case where we talk about the number of followers or page views our Wander Bloggers have collectively as a team between them. We would only discuss your details with potential partners if they show an interest in working with you.
  • Please provide us with your approximate blog/website statistics such as number of subscribers, monthly visitors, page views and any other information you think would be relevant, such as blogging awards or experience etc
  • We recommend Word (doc or docx) or pdf files. However, acceptable file types also include .ppt .pptx .jpg .jpeg. The file size limit is 2MB. If this is insufficient please contact the Blogger Support Team by email
  • / /
    You must be over 18 to blog on The Wanderlust Post. We require your date of birth for our records regardless of whether you wish to be considered as a recommended blogger for our booking agency.
  • Your First Blog Post

    Now it is time to submit the text for your first blog post. If your application is approved, you will gain access to our website, and in the future you'll be able to submit posts directly, upload photos, and format your posts as you wish. However, for the purposes of this application we'd like you to submit your first blog post to us in plain text on this form so we can get a feel for your writing style and also so we can help get you started as a blogger with us straight away, following the approval process.

  • Instructions

    You are free to submit a blog post about anything you wish, providing it is travel or lifestyle related. You are also free to submit a blog post you have already previously written and published elsewhere if you'd like to, providing you add a comment saying where it has previously been published. Though in this case we would usually make some minor editorial changes to it so that the content is a little different. This is generally good practice for SEO benefits to ensure the content is original on both your own blog and on The Wanderlust Post, even if it is broadly the same post. We ask that your blog post is a minimum of 500 words so we can get a good sense of how you write, but you are free to write more if you wish.
  • What to Write About

    If you are ensure what to write about think about a place you have visited and whether you could write about your experience, or you could review a restaurant or a hotel you have stayed in. Blog posts which provide advice, or share tips are often popular, especially if your advice is based on your own experiences. If you wish to submit a blog post you've already written, we suggest submitting one of your most popular posts since this allows us to see you at your best and it will also give our readers a great reason to read your post and get to know you straight away.

  • Photos for Your Blog Post

    We encourage you to provide photos to go with your post so we can see the sort of photos you tend to take or use. For the purposes of this application we ask that you include a minimum of two photos, and we are limiting you to a maximum of 4 photos for now. However, if you are approved as a Wander Blogger you will be free to choose the number of photos on your future posts (though we always ask you to provide at least one). You will also have the opportunity to add further photos to this blog post if you wish, prior to it being published. Please note, you must ensure that you have the appropriate copyright and permissions for EVERY photo you use. You are free to use photography obtained under creative commons licensing providing it does not require credit to be given to the photographer, though we would encourage you to use your own photography where possible.

    To indicate where on your blog post you'd like a particular photo to be placed, please give your photos filenames made of YOUR NAME followed by a NUMBER (e.g. Sarah 1, Sarah 2 and so on) prior to uploading them below. Then, in the body of your text, simply indicate were you would like a particular photo to appear e.g. 'Insert photo Sarah 1 here'. If your application is approved, and your first blog post is accepted for publication, our admin team will allow you some time to make further changes to it if you wish, once you have access to our website.

    Please note, by submitting this application along with your blog post you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions for Bloggers so please ensure you have read them before you submit. .
  • You must provide a blog post which is at least 500 words long. You are free to write more than this if you wish.
  • Photos for your Blog Post

    Please upload at least 2 photos for your blog post. The file name for each of your photos should be your NAME followed by a NUMBER e.g. Sarah 1, Sarah 2 etc. The file type of your photos must be either jpg. or jpeg. and they must have a maximum size of 1.5MB. If your photos are currently bigger than this, or in a different format, we recommend you use a file format changing and size reducing website such as Tiny Png or Jpeg Mini They are both currently free to use.
  • The file type must be a jpg. or jpeg. with a maximum size of 1.5MB
  • The file type must be a jpg. or jpeg. with a maximum size of 1.5MB
  • The file type must be a jpg. or jpeg. with a maximum size of 1.5MB
  • The file type must be a jpg. or jpeg. with a maximum size of 1.5MB
  • How Did You Hear About Us

    We're delighted that you're interested in becoming an approved blogger on The Wanderlust Post and we'd love to know how you came to hear about us...
  • Confirm Your Application and Submission

    By clicking 'Submit' below you are applying to become an approved blogger on The Wanderlust Post and you are submitting the text and photos for your first blog post. You are agreeing that you have read the Terms & Conditions for Bloggers available on The Wanderlust Post website and you are providing your approval for us to publish your submitted blog post (though we are not obliged to do so). You also confirm that you have an official Gravatar complete with a clear uploaded image of yourself. You can obtain a free Gravatar at, please ensure you sign up with the same email address you are using to register with The Wanderlust Post. If you are happy to proceed please complete the Captcha below and click 'Submit'. Our admin team will process your application as soon as possible and contact you by email. Thank you for your interest and application. Good luck!
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