Insurance Waiver - Nancy Long
Intent to Purchase/Decline

Travel Protection Insurance and Release of Liability I have received a Travel Protection Insurance Quote and Summary of Coverage, including a “Cancel For Any Reason” option, for all traveling passengers; and I understand that such protection offers limited yet significant coverage towards unexpected cancellation needs, medical emergencies, loss of luggage, delays of travel, and other unforeseeable travel conditions. I am aware GETAWAY TRAVEL COMPANY, LLC, it's agents, and any affiliated Host Agency recommends purchase of Travel Protection Insurance to guard against potentially catastrophic, unforeseen events that can occur in the normal course of travel.

Important Fact: The average out-of-pocket cost of medical emergency transportation outside the U.S. is $25,000!

Refunds, Itinerary Changes, Imposed Fees and Cancellations
I have been advised that cancellation, change or refund penalties do apply to the travel associated with these documents and I do fully understand the terms and conditions of such penalties. GETAWAY TRAVEL COMPANY, LLC, it's agents, and any affiliated Host Agency, has advised me and directed me to access of the supplier’s refund charge and cancellation fees and penalties. I am aware that the travel event may be subject to the loss of some (or all) of the fare, should I so elect to change or cancel this reservation.

Please select the option of your choice based on the insurance plans offered by GETAWAY TRAVEL COMPANY,LLC. If declined, any penalties or cancellation fees are YOUR responsibility. If travel insurance is declined and you need to cancel, Please be aware you will NOT be refunded your money paid in full.

*Insurance is provided by a third party company or supplier; in the event of a cancellation, you will be reimbursed the total amount of payments made minus the cost of insurance.*

Refer to your specific insurance plan purchased for coverage information.

GETAWAY TRAVEL COMPANY, LLC has offered me travel insurance. The following is the choice I made:
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