Era PR Application [Finished]

Basic Questions

Your account name *
Your community name
(If you have one)
Nichname *
(What you'll be wearing probably 24/7 should you be on PR Tag)
Your age *
(Don't lie)
What time zone do you live? *
How long have you played Era? Make sure you include your hours. *
State any experience with any staff position on Graal. Do not include private servers. *

FAQ Questions

Where are the following buildings located: Town Hall, Instrument shop, Flower Shop, Terisu Family base and the Gym. *
Please be specific
How would I go about getting hired at a business? Like Dairy Hut or Ammo Mart. *
Name atleast 4 ways to make money and how to get the tools to do so. *
Name some commands that may be fun for people (/dance, /disco etc.) *
How do I get rid of my Gold Uzi/Trial Ak47? *
How come my weapon won't shoot? *
My weapons and items were disabled! It won't let me hit things with S either! *
How do mining levels work? *

Quick Scenarios

Another recently added PR has been reported to be abusing his/her rights. How would you react should no Admin's be online? *
A player sends you a message saying someone is abusing a glitch for personal gain. The reported player has logged off but there are several witnesses. Explain in detail what you would do in this situation. *
Someone claims to have been scammed. He tells you that he dropped his item and someone "lagged" to pick it up. What would you do during this situation? *
You find out that a player or staff member had been spawning items, however; he/she had spawned multiple items that have been leaked into the economy. If you reverse it, you would have literally 50+ trades to reverse. What would you do? *

Final Questions

Take your time to answer these questions
Why do you want to be hired as a PR? And why should we pick you over anyone else? *
Is there anything going on that may keep you from doing your job as a PR? Please, do tell but you do not have to explain in detail if you do not want to. *
Here is where you can explain any past jails/bans that you may have on your record. Redemption from probably a misunderstanding or something you feel the need to bring up. *
Tell us about yourself. Give us YOU in general. *

Quick Reminder

Remember, if you're selected as a PR, you will have to deal criticism. You will have to learn how to deal with these and just ignore negativity towards you.

You will also have to deal with massive walls of Logs to look through should you have to locate an item.

You must learn how to get along with your peers, if I hire you and one of your enemies or someone you dislike. You do not have to like them, you just need to be able to work with them.

If you agree to these terms, you may send in your application now.
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