Accident/ Incident/ Issues Reporting Form:
Please use this form to let us know of any Incidents/Accidents involving you/the children/ damage to property OR any other issues you wish to inform us about whilst you were on or in relation to any job you have been sent to/completed.

(Including issues such as: really early or late finishing times of jobs, families that may have made you uncomfortable or issues surrounding payment/safety that may affect you or other babysitters in the future).
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    Be as accurate as possible (and as applicable to the type of incident).
  • Where did this accident/incident/issue occur? (Families home, school, preschool, out and about etc.).
  • Name all people that were involved/present at the time:
  • Please tell us in a narrative style anything that happened prior to the specific event/issue and the details of the event.
  • Please describe any conversations or actions you have taken in relation to this event.
  • If you believe there was a clear cause for the event or have any recommendations as to prevent such events in the future please outline them here.
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