Application for Use of Facilities
Zion's facilities are available to members and eligible groups and organizations outside the congregation. Zion may require that organizations provide a mission statement/statement of purpose for their group so as to assure that Zion's facilities are used for purposes aligned with its' own mission. The facilities shall not be used by members for the purpose of selling for profit or personal gain. Promoting commercial activities and political fundraising is also prohibited on Zion's campus. Organizations outside of Zion who will be considered eligible to use Zion's facilities include adult and youth community service clubs or organizations and non-profit organizations.

This form must be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the expected use date. Approval of the use of the use of facilities will rest with the appropriate administrator at Zion and notification will be provided in a timely manner to the contact person.
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  • Please include the who, what, why and when details in this description.
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  • Space(s) requested for this event:

    Fees for use of Zion facilities shall be established on an individual basis and will be determined by the appropriate administrator(s) assigned this task by the Church Leadership Council. All fees assigned to specific groups and events must be paid in the church or school office prior to the use.
  • Facility Security

    In order to keep our facilities and those using them safe, Zion has installed a key card system on our entry doors. Doors will remain locked before all events. One attendee should acquire a keycard from the church office through which initial entry to the church can be accessed. After this initial entry, the doors will remain unlocked for a scheduled period of time. Please indicate your needs below:
  • Please designate a member of your group to acquire a key card from the church office during normal business hours. A reimbursable $25 deposit will be required. After use, please leave the key card at the Welcome Center Desk on the main level. Your deposit will be mailed to you after the key is received.
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  • PLEASE NOTE that if you require the doors to be open throughout the event, you agree to have someone monitor the building until the doors are locked to ensure that the building remains secure.
  • Additional Needs

  • Zion prefers that organizations using the facilities complete set-up and clean-up activities. Requests may be made for Zion staff to complete these tasks, but extra costs will be assessed. If your presentation requires both audio and visual or device playback, our Audio/Visual Technician is required.
  • Guidelines for Use of Zion's Facilities

    Zion has developed the following guidelines to assist those using the facilities and to assure the safety and care of church property:

    - Zion ministry activities shall take precedence when scheduling facilities.
    - Rental fees must be paid in advance.
    -All events must be completed by 10 PM unless special approval has been granted.
    -Under no circumstances may Zion's doors may be left propped open.
    - Individuals or groups using the facilities and/or equipment at Zion are responsible for damage or losses.
    -A church appointed supervisor will be required by Zion for facility usage for groups of over 50.
    -Individuals and groups using the facilities must restrict their use to the areas assigned to them.
    -Smoking in Zion's buildings and use of alcohol on campus is prohibited.
    - Adults in charge of events shall be responsible for the conduct of all attendees.
    - Indoor soccer, hockey, baseball, and softball shall not be played inside Zion's facilities unless prior arrangements are made with the athletic director.
    -Set-up and clean-up before and following the event shall be the responsibility of the group or organization using Zion's facilities unless prior arrangements have been made.

    Contact Vickie Adams at 314-303-6652 with any questions.
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  • Insurance:

    Groups or organizations not associated directly with Zion who wish to use the facilities may be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance covering events held on the Zion campus with Zion Lutheran Church and School named as the co-insured. When insurance statements are requested by Zion, limits required shall be $1,000,000 bodily injury/ property damage/ fire legal liability. Certificates must be filed with the Church Office prior to the event if an insurance certificate is requested by Zion.

    Approval of the use of the use of facilities will rest with the appropriate administrator at Zion and notification will be provided in a timely manner to the contact person.
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