Model Application for KCFW September 2019
Please fill this form out before attending the model castings. Please make sure you're filling out each field correctly before submitting online. Contact information listed on this form will be used to notify talent of any updates from Kansas City Fashion Week, LLC.

We will take your measurements at castings and fill out any additional information.
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  • The email provided in this field will be used to notify talent of their status for the KCFW Model Roster and any potential bookings if accepted. Emails cannot be changed after application is submitted.
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  • If you don't know, please list N/A
  • If you don't know, please list N/A
  • Example: Ears pierced, 1 tattoo on lower back (small)
    You do not need to include details of what the tattoo is and/or says, only the tattoo location and size.
  • Talent that require payment & have representation (agency) will need to list their agency contact information above for our booking progress.
  • These dates will be shared with participating designers. If a model only selects one day, please keep in mind that you will not be contacted to walk any other days. Models will only be contacted according to the date(s) selected as available.
  • Models are required to attend one casting date to be considered for the model roster. This form is not a final submission for consideration. Any models who do not attend our castings will not be allowed to walk for Kansas City Fashion Week.
  • Please sign to confirm you, or your guardian (if under 18), have read the required text above