Law Enforcement Insurance Fraud Fighter of the Year Nomination Form
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  • Law Enforcement Insurance Fraud Fighter of the Year

    Nominations are limited to specific cases/investigations concluded in 2023-2024.

    This category is inclusive of a Florida law enforcement detective, or a law enforcement analyst, or a law enforcement prosecutor. The nominee should be the individual who was the lead person involved in the investigation/case. The Management of the lead individual is not eligible to be listed for the nomination of this Award.
  • Instructions:

    - Briefly describe the case involved and the nominee’s specific involvement in this case;
    - The unique investigational skills the nominee applied that resulted in the successful conclusion of this investigation case;
    - Positive impact(s) the case had on the fight against insurance fraud and the community. May include, but not limited to, resolution of the fraudulent monetary exposures, other fraudulent activity that has also been stopped, case law or legislative activity generated by this case;
    - Recognition(s) the nominee received from his/her peers, associates, and community.
  • Max 2,000 words