Consult a Curator Registration
April 29, 2020
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  • Please read the following information regarding Consult-a-Curator:

    Consult-a-Curator Day is held twice a year and is available for Cincinnati Art Museum members only. Current membership is required for admittance into the event. Members are allowed no more than two objects to receive professional opinions from the Art Museum’s curatorial staff on a first-come, first-served basis. The services of the Consult-a-Curator are not offered to dealers, auction houses, or their representatives.
  • Curators will be on-hand to examine:

    • American paintings, sculpture and drawings
    • East Asian art (China, Japan, Korea)
    • Decorative arts and design
    • European paintings, sculpture and drawings
    • Fashion arts and textiles
    • Islamic art
    • South and Southeast Asian art
    • Photography
    • Prints

    Conservators will be available for consultation on repair and restoration of objects, paintings, works on paper or textiles. It is helpful if paintings, prints, drawings, or photographs are presented unframed.
  • Curators will offer their best opinion on the maker, age, medium and condition of objects brought in for examination. Curators cannot provide monetary appraisals, monetary valuations of any kind, or supply written opinions. Opinions expressed at this event are verbal only and based on the curator’s training and experience. However, curators can suggest sources for further information or conservation treatment.
  • Please read carefully before signing:

    The bearer of object(s) warrants that the bearer is the lawful owner of such object(s) and seeks an opinion for the bearer’s use only, and will not make use of the opinion at any time in a purchase or sale of the object(s); and also warrants that neither the bearer nor the bearer’s heir(s) will make any claims against the Cincinnati Art Museum or its individual staff members as a result of the opinion given. The bearer also agrees that the Cincinnati Art Museum need not insure the object(s) and the Art Museum, its trustees, officers, and employees assume no liability for loss or damage to the object(s) while on the premises and grounds of the Cincinnati Art Museum.
  • Use your mouse to digitally sign on the line above. By signing, you agree to the terms of the event.
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