2018 Junior Naturalist Camp - Confirmation Form
Thank you for registering your child(ren) in MUN Botanical Garden's summer camp programs.
Please fill out the information below to provide us with necessary registration information. If you haven't already, please carefully read through the 2018 Junior Naturalist Camp confirmation package.
We are looking forward to seeing you and the campers this summer!
  • By confirming your child's/children's registration, you certify that to the best of your knowledge that your child/children is/are in good health. You consent to their full participation in all activities in the Junior Naturalist Camp Program, which may include eating marshmallows, and wild berries, as well, could include leaving the MUN Botanical property, all under the supervision of the Botanical Garden staff.

    You agree that having taken such precautions as in your discretion are deemed advisable, MUN Botanical Garden will not be held responsible for any accident or sickness to your child(ren), or for loss of damage to their property. You have read and fully understand the MUN Botanical Garden Junior Naturalist Camp Program information concerning your child's/children's registration in the program and agree to abide by these policies.
  • Important Phone Numbers & Contacts

    During the initial registration you listed 1 main contact phone number. Below, please list the primary number we should contact in case of an emergency during camp hours.
  • - -
  • Please type N/A if not applicable
  • Please type N/A if not applicable
  • Authorization for Consent for Treatment

    Should a medical emergency situation arise where we would be unable to contact you, we ask that you complete the following information as used by the Janeway Children's Health and Rehabilitation Centre, granting them permission to attend to your child. WE WILLL, HOWEVER, ENDEAVOR TO CONTACT YOU FIRST. By completing this form you authorize the staff of MUN Botanical Garden to give consent for and on behalf of the child(ren), relating to all matter of medical examination, diagnosis and treatment of the child(ren) during the period that they are in the custody of MUN Botanical Garden staff, and agree to confirm, if requested, that consent was given.
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  • For the following three sections please list the child's name before any conditions, i.e.:
    Bobby - allergic to peanuts
    Sally - sensitive to dust
  • Please type "N/A" if the above is not applicable to this child.
  • Please type "N/A" if the above is not applicable to this child.
  • Please type "N/A" if the above is not applicable to this child.
  • Supervision and Responsibilities of Your Child(ren)

    In all of our camps we guarantee a minimum of 1 leader for each 10 children, which exceeds the NL Child Care Services Act. Due to this ratio, your child(ren) are required to be able take care of their own basic needs, and are expected to present themselves in a respectful manner to our camp staff and other campers. Families of children who require extra attention due to behavioral or medical reasons will be responsible for providing an attendant.

    All Botanical Garden education programs teach a respect for nature, and each other, and it is imperative that your children be able to follow this important rule.
  • Photo Release

    Staff of MUN Botanical Garden periodically take photos of camp activities that can be used for promotional purposes, funding and grant proposals, and the weekly Junior Naturalist Camp group photo, which may be displayed in a public area of our facilities. By giving permission to the staff to take photos of your child(ren) you agree that you will not be financially compensated for these photos.
  • Tax Receipt

    Please note the receipt you received after registration was your tax receipt.