Horse 'n Hound Physical Therapy - 07/14/16
Liability Release for Long Distance Consultation
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    By opening this package and/or utilizing the long distance consulting service
    you, as the client, agree to abide by the following terms:
    Thi s ag reemen t i s be tween Jenni fe r B rook s and the CLIENT/
    RELEASOR whereby, CLIENT/RELEASOR wishes to consult with Jennifer
    Brooks P.T. about rehabilitation of their animal.
    CLIENT/RELEASOR understands and agrees that Jennifer Brooks/Horse ‘n
    Hound PT is in no way responsible for the health of the animal at any time,
    not now or in the future. Client further understands every animal reacts in a
    different manner to modalities such as heat, cold, laser, therapeutic exercise,
    and massage, etc. and that animals are, by nature, unpredictable in their
    behavior and responses to treatment. Therefore, rehabilitation requires full
    attention and total awareness by the client at all times, to relay animal
    response back to Jennifer in an appropriate time, to prevent injury or change
    treatment approaches. Animals may, without warning, cause injury to
    humans and/or other animals.
    Jennifer Brooks is hereby released for any responsibility to or for any harm of
    or by the aforementioned animal indicated above. I hereby agree to exercise
    caution for the safety of myself, the animal, any people and any other
    animals around me while working with the animal. I agree to the terms of
    this consultation agreement and understand that any injuries received by me
    or by my animal or other persons or animals while working with the animal
    are my own responsibility.
    It is important that Jennifer is kept up to date and informed of the animal’s
    response to the therapy she is advising for your animal. Call her voicemail or
    write email to keep her informed of your animal’s progress. Jennifer will try
    to respond with in 24-48 hrs.
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