Credit Card / Insurance/Travel Waiver
Credit Card Waiver

For your protection as well as ours. We will need the following information to charge payment for your travel arrangements. It is understood that you have reviewed all reservation information and confirm that it is correct. This includes but is not limited to (traveler name(s), destination(s), airline, hotel, cruise line, dates, and times, etc...) You agree to the cancellation policy regarding your travel arrangements, and ALL terms and conditions. You understand that change fees, and cancellation penalities may apply and that you may not be entitled to a refund. As the credit card holder you understand that your signature waives your rights to credit card charge backs as a way to mediate a dispute pertaining to all travel arrangements made by this travel agency or one of our travel partners. You are advised that the posted charge on your billing statement may list as Simply Travel, LLC or one of our travel partners. You further awknowledge that NO travel arrangements will be confirmed on your behalf until our office has recieved this form.
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