Int'l Sarasota Chalk Festival ARTIST Application
November 8-10, 2024 - Sarasota, Florida USA
  • Pavement Painting by Genny G. from Italy 2017
  • Please make sure the name you provide matches your Passport or License ID
  • If you do not have a zip code please enter 00000
  • If you could travel from various airports, please list them. For approved artists we will pay gas, train, bus or airfare.
  • We need to know if you are male or female when booking flights
  • As a 100% volunteer organization without any paid staff or directors, we strive to raise money to pay for the festival costs and raise funds to pay for general assistance for participating artists that includes lunches/beverage, art supplies, T-shirt, insurance, security, and space to create . Based on the amount we raise, we award scholarships to help pay for lodging and travel costs. We do our best to raise enough funds to bring in many artists, which is not always easy but we try!
  • * Artwork that is chalked or painted on panels will be sold to raise funds for the Sarasota Chalk Festival 501c3. If sold, a percentage of the sale will be given to the artist.If interested you must make a request, provide artwork and be accepted to participate on a panel. Panels start at 4' x 6'.
  • * Local beginners can use local natural or any type of materials they want (such as recycled items) to create a ground tapestry during the festival - must submit proposal of artwork, subject to approval.
  • Only a few will be approved and must arrive early to start panels and help installation. Please send artwork as soon as possible and pick a second choice in case there are no more spaces.
  • Please explain how you would like to participate or perform in the festival.