2016 Jersey Rowing Club membership and rack fees
Thank you for applying to join Jersey Rowing Club.
This form also collects the membership and/or boat rack fees for private boat owners.
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  • Membership

    Your details and the type of membership you want to join with.
  • If you are Under 18

    You will need your parents permission and electronic signature on this form to complete.
  • Paying boat rack fees

    if you are a private boat owner, use this form to pay just your rack fees or at the same time as renewing your membership.
  • Your membership

  • � Full Racing member-£120:00 (this covers membership, facilities and race guard boat).
    50% reduction after July

    � Non-Rowing Cox member. £45:00 (this covers membership,facilities and race entry)
    50% reduction after July

    � Non-Rowing Coach / Assistants £20:00

    � Social member - £20:00 (this covers membership and all sporting and social events but does not include use of facilities and has no right to vote at the club AGM)

    � Youth Academy member - £20:00 (rowing as part of the Academy)

    � Student/Youth member - £20:00 (this covers membership, facility, race entry and has the right to vote at the AGM- student category is for those in full time education)

    � Overseas membership - £20:00 An overseas member must have a permanent place of residence outside Jersey. This membership confers the right to use Rowing club facilities for 4 weeks whilst visiting the Island but confers no right to vote at General Meetings of the club.)

    � Life Member

    � Day Member Race fees - £15:00
  • Youth membership

  • As parent or Guardian I agree to my child taking part in JRC authorised activities and to the Club rules and Youth Protection Policy (available at jerseyrowing.com)
  • I am aware of the hazards involved in coastal rowing and give my consent to JRC to supervise my child during these activities.
    In so doing I am assured that they are;
    Competent and knowledgeable in sea safety
    Provide sufficient safety equipment
    Will behave appropriately in the company of youths
  • Proof of Student Status
  • Additional requirements

  • A fob to gain access to the club. A one off £10 fee.
  • Locker space is limited, if you apply we will do our best to make one available.
    Small £6
    Large £10
    Full £20

    Terms of Club Membership.
    I hereby agree to be bound by the Jersey Rowing Club Rules. I will indemnify the Club against all claims by other members or third parties for loss and damage to themselves or their property arising from any deliberate or negligent act (or omission) on my part. I agree to the details on this form being held on a database.
    I hereby agree that I shall participate in all of the races organised by the Jersey Rowing Club entirely at my own risk and I agree to hold the Organisers and Officials of the races harmless and indemnified against all claims and loss, damage or bodily injury arising out of my participation in any of the races.
  • I have read and agree to the Terms of Club Membership.
    1.New Membership applications are proposed for acceptance by the Club Committee.
    2. A Rowing Consent Form must be completed for all members under the age of 18.
    3. Subscriptions for existing members are due 1st November each year.
    Existing members who do not renew by 30 April each year will cease to be members of the club.
    4. New members joining after the Sark to Jersey race will only pay half the membership fee.
  • If you have a crew or personal photo you'd like added to the Club website please upload it now.
  • Any special requests or clarifications
  • Payment for private boat storage is charged per rowing seat.
    Quad £260
    Double £130
    Single £65
  • Further Club Advice or Enquiries

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