Health Check - IT Support
Is your IT support in good health?

By completing this form, you will get an indication of your current accounting compliance.

After submission the results will be emailed to the email listed below.
  • The Health Check report willl be sent to this email
  • Unhappy Can Improve Happy More than Happy
    Are you happy with your current IT Service Provider?
    Does your staff have the adequate IT knowledge
    Is your computer system “firewall” protected to prevent unauthorised access?
    Is your computer system protected by virus detection and repair software?
    Are your electronic data processing operation audited regularly?
    Do persons other than employees have physical or electronic access to your facilities?
    Do you operate “Remote Access Systems” which allows users to dial into the network and have the same access as if they were in the office?
    Does your current IT Service Provider have the qualifications to and do they review the work of external consultants to check for programming faults, errors and fraud?
    Do you have a contingency plan in place when your IT Service Provider is not available?
    Do you have any future plans to implement or switching to a Virtual Server like Cloud?